Over the past few years, the College of Performance Management (CPM) has been a consistent contributor to the advancement of all aspects of Integrated Program Management (IPM). One of our most important efforts has been to act both as a clearinghouse and a soapbox for successfully engaging Agile-based software development within disciplined system engineering (SE) and Earned Value Management (EVM) environments. The desire for a win/win/win match has always been a strong motivator for all stakeholders.

To that end, at both its Fall and Spring Workshops (IPMW and EVM World), CPM has regularly provided an Agile Educational Track of workshops and practice symposia. These offerings have been dedicated to fuller understanding of the worth and the challenges associated with the use of Agile in programs requiring strict baseline, cost and work scope controls.

Through the assistance of Agile Track Coordinator Ms. Andrea Nibert, a respected Leidos EVM Analyst, Government and Industry experts and practitioners have wrestled through several difficult issues, such as dollarization of work, the relationship of Product Backlog to the Work Breakdown Structure, freeze periods, and many more.

“I have had the rare opportunity through CPM to help create an environment where practitioners representing various viewpoints – engineering, scheduling, industry and government program management – sit together to discuss and develop solutions. Even people like me who have been working and evolving this Agile/EVM solution for five years or more continue to discover new and better approaches as we work together!” Ms. Nibert said.

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