31 May 2020

Dear CPM Members,

We hope this update continues to find all of you in good health.

Thank you for remaining proactive and communicative during this time. We’ve had some great suggestions from our membership and interest remains high for an event this year. As noted in the previous update, the CPM Board has been hard at work assessing the dynamics of the past several months and would like to provide a late-May update regarding our path forward. Below is a list of updates and revised events taking us through spring 2021:

  • EVM World 2020 – Due to the uncertainty, health, and travel restrictions, EVM World is being postponed until next year (spring 2021). 
  • IPMW Virtual – Launch Event – We are planning a two-hour, free virtual event in the August timeframe to show off our new webcasting approach for hosting the Fall 2020 Integrated Program Management Workshop. The goal of this initial event is to introduce a new approach by providing virtual content through CPM events remotely. During this event, we plan to showcase examples that attendees will experience related to PEP Training, Practice Symposia, and Workshop experiences. Our intent is to provide value to our attendees and sponsors through both pre-developed and live stream interactions. We also aim to increase our chapter involvement as they provide relevant breakout sessions. 
  • IPMW Virtual Workshop 2020 – Following the August launch event, CPM is planning a full-scale Virtual Workshop in the traditional late October through early December 2020 timeframe. Exact dates are still being determined. The objective of this online event is to provide a robust and immersive IPMW experience, virtually in the comfort of your office or home. We are currently in the planning stages, but aim to also provide sponsorship visibility, vendor forums, and networking events.
  • EVM World 2021 – We are retargeting a date and working with the Westin in Ft Lauderdale to reschedule EVM World 2021 for late May / early June. Once exact dates are formalized, we will notify membership. We intend to continue to provide on-site and virtual events moving forward and look very much towards seeing our community physically together again next spring!

If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please feel free to reach out as we are welcoming volunteers to help us plan and execute these exciting inaugural virtual events!

Lastly, for those who may have already registered for EVM World 2020, we want to provide you with several options as you assess our events and options moving forward:

  • Registrants Options: 
    • Please reference the following options and reach to John Driessnack (john.driessnack@mycpm.org) or Brian Evans (brian.evans@mycpm.org) for additional information
    • Apply registration fees to the upcoming IPMW Virtual Workshop – We have not solidified registration fees, but we would apply the appropriate registration fee applicable to the events you plan to attend and refund any difference
    • Apply registration fees to EVM World 2021 – For those who choose this option, their registration fees will be locked in at 2020 pricing. CPM would apply this fee to cover your registration for next year’s event
    • Full Refund – For those who would like a complete refund (minus any processing fees), please contact us and we will arrange to refund the registration for EVM World to the appropriate financial supporter
  • Sponsors:
    • As mentioned above, we have flexible options to maximize your sponsorship investment as we move forward with both virtual and in-person events. Please reach out to Kathy Evans (Kathy.Evans@mycpm.org) and Tim Fritz (tfritz@mycpm.org) and we will work with you to provide options. 

We very much appreciate the commitment of both our members and sponsors to CPM and want to ensure your satisfaction moving forward.

In the meantime, please keep sending us your thoughts, ideas, abstracts, and gracious offers to volunteer in our community. We hope everyone remains healthy and in good spirits in the coming days and look forward to our upcoming events where we will meet and share ideas once again.

Thank you!

CPM Board of Directors

25 March 2020

Dear CPM Members,

First, we hope that this message finds you and your families in good health and positive spirits.

The College of Performance Management (CPM) is intently tracking developments concerning the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Specifically, CPM is monitoring impacts to our organization, membership, and EVM World 2020 (June 9-11, Fort Lauderdale, Florida). 

The safety and welfare of CPM members and EVM World participants remains our utmost priority. We continue to monitor the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendations and will adjust our plans as necessary. We are considering several alternative options for EVM World including online venues and postponing the event.

Help keep our community active and engaged during this time!

We still want your abstracts and encourage submission of ideas and topics for presentation at our next EVM World. Abstracts are being accepted by emailing Marty.Doucette@mycpm.org

If you are interested in presenting virtually, please send an email to robin.pulverenti@mycpm.org and you will be added to our list of interested presenters.  

We look forward to working with our members and navigating these unprecedented times together. Further, we are confident we will come out the other side a stronger community and organization.

CPM Board of Directors


Will EVM World 2020 happen?

  • At this time, we are still preparing to conduct EVM World 2020 at the Westin Fort Lauderdale. Whether as the planned face to face, virtually, or postponed to a later date will be determined by this evolving crisis.

Should I register for EVM World 2020?

  • We suggest that you wait to register until mid-May. We will all have a better understanding of this rapidly evolving situation at that time, providing CPM leadership time to make a final determination on EVM World

What if I already registered?

  • If you have already registered, we will provide the appropriate refunds upon final determination of event status.

What if I am interested in presenting virtually?

  • If you are interested in presenting virtually, please send an email to robin.pulverenti@mycpm.org and you will be added to our list of interested presenters.  

What is CPM doing during this crisis?

  • We are working on ways to engage our members by:  
    • Creating working groups to:
      • Update the CPM training material
      • Formalize our Integrated Program Performance Management (IPPM) Body of Knowledge
      • Explore the chronicle topics of special interest
    • Seeking Volunteers to assist CPM Operations

How can I remain engaged with CPM remotely?

  • CPM on LinkedIn – Join us in the conversation!
    • Linkedin College of Performance Management is our association site. Here, we update you on upcoming events and how you can lead or join a working group or subgroup. If you are not following CPM via LinkedIn, please add it to your LinkedIn account. We have over 500 connections, and we look forward to your adding to the ongoing conversation. 
    • LinkedIn Earned Value Management Group – this is where we discuss the broader EVM profession. This group has almost 12,000 members! Join in and explain how you are keeping performance management moving forward during this unprecedented period in our history. 
    • Join us and connect on Facebook
    • Join us and connect on Twitter
    • More info to follow regarding remote working sessions