CPM Tennessee Valley Chapter

List of current officers:

Bob Wasser- President
Truman Carroll- Executive Vice President
Norman Dean- Vice President of Administration
Bill Smart- Vice President of Finance
Reuben Russell- Vice President of Certifications
Julie Ruston – Vice President Meetings and Events
CPM TV – Chapter Bylaws Draft May 2016

Upcoming Meeting:

College of Performance Management Tennessee Valley (CPMTV) Chapter Meeting

Tuesday- September 26, 2017— 3 to 5 Central Time

Defense Acquisition University (South) (DAU) 7115 Old Madison Pike Huntsville, AL 35806

!! If YOU have anything to do with Program Control, don’t miss this meeting!!

CPM is an international, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the disciplines of project management and performance measurement. We assist the earned value professional and project manager in professional growth and promote the application of earned value management. We are a growing body of professionals dedicated to managing projects on time and on budget.


  • Bob Wasser – Senior PM BCF Solutions Master of Ceremonies with Introductions
  • Jason Kinder- Director, Product Marketing for Deltek; EVAS – How to implement DCMA’s data driven metrics
  • Feedback from all attendees

 This meeting is sponsored by Jason Kinder/Deltek, and DAU. Thank your for your generosity.

 The meeting itself will be from 3pm to 5pm central time, with speakers, then networking, signup for membership, volunteers for future speakers, and any companies or organizations that would like to host or sponsor a future meeting.

This is our Sixteenth Quarterly CPMTV Chapter Meeting.

Your presence and support will be the momentum for future meetings. So please come and consider presenting or sponsoring.

Thanks in Advance — Bob Wasser – bwasser@bcfsolutions.com 256-656-7600

If you plan to attend please respond to bbarry@mycpm.org

Presenter biographies

Jason Kinder, Director of Product Marketing, Deltek ♦ jasonkinder@deltek.com ♦ 214-699-8146

Jason Kinder is the Director of Product Marketing for the PPM suite of products at Deltek. He is known as a thought leader in the EVMS and Program Management marketplace. Jason has over 15 years’ experience in program management specializing in earned value management. He’s spent many of his years at Raytheon working his way up from program controls where he was a billable consultant on various defense projects to leading new program start ups where he was responsible for mentoring program teams to facilitate successful program planning and execution. Jason has briefed executives and customers all around the world about the status of programs and the value of earned value management and planning and scheduling.

Jason holds a BA from SFA State University in Texas and is a member of NDIA.






Please bring an office mate, employee, boss, customer, or contractor.


Past Meetings

College of Performance Management Tennessee Valley (CPMTV) Chapter Meeting
Tuesday- September 6, 2016 — 3 to 5 Central Time

Gordon Kranz, Enlightened IPM, LLC, Scott Fish, ClearPlan, and Josh Garvey, ClearPlan
– Implementation of Agile Management techniques on cost-type development contracts with the EVMS requirement has been a challenge for industry and government. This presentation will use realistic data and tool environments to demonstrate the integration of Agile and EVM through specific examples

Joel Little, Defense Acquisition University (DAU)
– Earned Value Management Waiver Policy Discussion

CPMTV June 2016 Quarterly Meeting Recap Article

Gary Troop – President and CEO of Encore Analytics
– Using Empower’s new DCMA EVMS Testing Protocols (DETP) features to support data driven audits
– How to engage all levels of management in the proactive use of project performance data
– Tips and tricks for collecting narrative analysis with Empower

Truman J. Carroll – NASA/SAIC
– Over Target Baseline: Lessons Learned from the NASA SLS Booster

CPMTV March 2016 Quarterly Meeting Recap Article

College of Performance Management Tennessee Valley (CPMTV) Chapter Meeting
Tuesday- March 1, 2016 — 3 to 5 Central Time

6725 Odyssey Drive
Patriot Room
Huntsville, AL 35806

Tom Polen- Solution Engineer at Deltek- The Truth about Schedule Quality

• Explore the correlation between schedule quality and likelihood of project success
• Identify schedule shortcomings with project analytics
• Implement the key metrics to ensure schedule integrity

Dan Demangos, Solution Engineer at Deltek – A Project Management Easy Button

• Reducing manual processes and ensuring process adherence
• Decreasing process cycle time and improving business rhythm
• Improving the quality of project information
• Maintaining data integrity

CPMTV Feb 2016 Special Meeting Recap Article

!!!!!! SPECIAL EVENT !!!!!!
College of Performance Management Tennessee Valley (CPMTV) Chapter Meeting
Tuesday- February 16, 2016 — 3 to 5 Central Time

Mr. John S. McGregor – Deputy Director for Earned Value Management,

– PARCA Initiatives
– DFARS Case
– PARCA/CAPE Joint Plan
– Reciprocity
– EVM Guidance

– Open Discussion

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