This year at EVM World 2018 a hot topic will be discussed – Artificial Intelligence.  Paul Self, Co-founder of BASIS, Knowledge-Driven Planning, will be speaking about Demystifying AI.  Paul has spent his career in the project management space implementing project management solutions to industry and government clients alike.

AI seems to be new shiny tech buzz word. In reality it is nothing more than the next advancement in computing power. AI has tremendous potential to benefit the program controls space, but it needs to have a practical and pragmatic application to real world project challenges. When AI is done right it should be invisible to the end user and quickly become integral to the process it is being applied to. Not only this, but AI technology that leaves behind or removes the ‘human factor’ is less likely to have real near-term benefit and will likely suffer from slow adoption. There is a subset of AI-related technologies known as ‘Augmented Intelligence’, where, for example, our project controls team can be assistedby AI rather than replacedby it.

Effective implementations of AI can help add realism to our plans, to risk models, allow us to capture information in new, faster and more accurate ways… but AI is just the computing. So, the question is, how can I get leverage AI guidance in project controls, but also, how do I get the benefit of the most powerful and meaningful information my organization has to offer…how do I get the expertise of my team and the lessons learned from my historical execution into my plan? Because, ultimately, it’s about having a plan I can rely on.

Read more about this topic in Volume 1 – Measurable News 2018.

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