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Latest News

EVM-5 Europe Conference Call for Papers
The fifth annual earned value conference for Europe will be held on 3-4 December 2013 (avoiding the USA Thanksgiving vacation period) at the Ghent University, Belgium. For more information, go to (EVM Europe Website).

The EVM Europe Conferences includes a dedicated EVM academic (research) track.

In addition to celebrating the milestone of the 5th EVM Europe Conference, it also planned to recognize the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Earned Schedule seminal paper “Schedule is Different” by Walt Lipke in 2003.

The outcomes of the first year of the €1.2 million, 6 year project controls/EVM research project will be presented at this Conference.

Call for Research Proposals

In 2012 the CPM Governing Board agreed to a proposal to extend the research offering with AFIT to the “world at large”. The terms and conditions of the offer remain the same although for non-USA based researchers, the conference in which the research findings are to be presented will need to be separately agreed.

This offer is suitable for students undergoing Masters or Doctoral research programs at recognized tertiary institutions on a topic “of interest to the EVM community”. The broad terms of the agreement were that for selected research topics the reasonable travel and accommodation costs for attendance at a CPM Conference would be reimbursed (to a maximum cost as may be determined by the Governing Board) provided:

  • The completed thesis being made available to CPM for publication in the electronic library;
  • A paper summarizing the research and findings being prepared for publication in the Measurable News; and
  • The findings of the research project are presented at either the CPM Spring or Fall
  • Conferences.

The research thesis must be “of interest to the EVM community” as judged by the CPM Governing Board, at its sole discretion. While sponsored by CPM, the findings, conclusions reached and opinions expressed in the research thesis, Measurable News paper and any presentations made represent the views of the author(s) and not necessarily those of CPM.

While there is no prescribed format for making application, an electronic e-mail submission to the Vice President of Research and Standards ( should include:

  • The agreed research proposal or prospectus with the tertiary institution;
  • A short (one page) biography; and
  • A covering letter explaining the relevance of the research proposal to the EVM community.

CPM Research Projects


A Comparison of Earned Value Management and Earned Schedule As Schedule Predictors on DOD ACAT I Programs.
Capt Kevin T. Crumrine, USAF and Lt Col Jonathan D. Ritschel, PhD, USAF
EVM World 2013 Presentation
Measurable News Article
Masters Thesis


Contract Over Target Baseline (OTB) Effect On Earned Value Management’s Cost Performance Index (CPI)
MAJ Dennis E. Jack USAF and Edward D. White, PhD
EVM World 2012 Presentation
Measurable News Article
Masters Thesis


Predicting Over Target Baseline (OTB) Acquisition Contracts

CAPT Kristine Thickstun USAF and Dr. Tony White
EVM World 2010 Presentation
Measurable News Article
Masters Thesis


An Evaluation Of Growth Models As Predictive Tools For Estimates At Completion (EAC)
CAPT Elizabeth N. Trahan USAF
Masters Thesis (AFIT Website)

Note: This is not a CPM sponsored research project.  It is included as the first of a trilogy to the research thesis conducted by AFIT above.

A Global and Cross-Industry Perspective on Current EVM Practice
Dr. Lingguang Song, School of Construction Management, University of Houston

IPM Fall Conference 2009 Presentation
A Paperback Book is available from the PMI Marketplace

Note: This research was managed by the PMI Research Foundation with a research grant provided by the then PMI-CPM.

Other Websites of Interest to EVM Researchers

Comprehensive Bibliography Of Earned Value Literature 
Maintained by Dr David S. Christensen, Ph.D, CCEA, CMA
Chair, Department of Accounting, School of Business, Southern Utah University
Click here to access (SUU Website)

A regularly updated comprehensive reference source for EVM literature.

Earned Schedule Website
Maintained by Mr Walter H. Lipke
Click here to access (Earned Schedule Website)

The official source of Earned Schedule information. See “Papers” for a bibliography of Earned Schedule articles including academic and practitioner based research into the method.


PMI Global Practice Standard 2nd Edition Update Project
The PMI EVM Practice Standard 2nd edition is available from the PMI website. Click here to access.