At EVM World 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL last week, keynote presenter Pat Finneran, former Boeing executive, delivered a keynote that struck a chord with the 400 attendees, many of whom rated his talk among the “best ever.”

Drawing on deep and successful experience, he emphasized the difference between measurement/reporting and management; explaining how integrated program management using Earned Value Management (EVM) was essential whether contractually required or not. Finneran discussed how EVM fuels the integrated performance management process and ensures program success.

Finneran raised the questions of Why there is so much push back on implementing EVM into the program measurement process; Why aren’t more companies using this tool; Do Government agencies and Industry have a shared view of what EVM can do and why they should embrace it; is there motivation for commercial industry to consider using EVM in their IPM tool set? Finneran answers these and many other questions while drawing on professional experience and siting impressive examples.

This Keynote presentation was captured live and we invite you to view his important and timely message and encourage you to share and use it as you see appropriate.

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