If you have wanted to get more involved with CPM but not been sure of the best way how about starting a CPM chapter to bring the benefits of CPM to your local area and help recruit more active participation in CPM? Interested? Here are the steps:

1. Start by registering as a volunteer to start a chapter (position description VPA-100) using our Volunteer Application Form, indicating over what area you’d like the chapter to operate.

2. If we accept your suggestion we’ll ask you to form an interim chapter committee to complete a simple business case using our CPM chapter business case template and sign up to the CPM Code of Ethics We’ll help you and your committee contact members and others in your selected area and support you in organizing two start-up meetings to assess interest in a local chapter.

3. With sufficient interest expressed in forming a chapter and approval of your Business Case, we will support you to formalize a CPM chapter which will include adopting Bylaws using our Boilerplate CPM Chapter Bylaws and running elections for the Chapter Executive Council.

4. We’ve produced CPM Chapter Guidelines to assist you when you are up and running and you should also refer to Article X – Chapters of the CPM Bylaws. The Guidelines explain what CPM is trying to achieve by creating local chapters, what we will need from you to support CPM Regulatory requirements and other CPM objectives and also to understand what you are planning to undertake and with what support from CPM.

So if you have the drive to get more involved in CPM be forming a local chapter we look forward to hearing from you!