The Measurable News publishes many types of articles that relate to project management with a focus on earned value management.

Submissions/Editorial Process

Send articles electronically to An e-mail will be sent to you to let you know that your article has been received. The editorial team reviews submissions, and accepted submissions are subject to editorial change. The author is solely responsible for all statements made in his or her work, including changes made.

Submitted manuscripts are not returned to the author; however, editor comments may be furnished.

The Measurable News Editorial Team reserves the right to reject a submission – however, rejected articles will be submitted to the CPM Governing Board for review.


The Measurable News accepts articles up to 14 pages long, including tables and figures.


Please use Arial as your document’s font.

Document Format

Submit articles electronically in Microsoft Word compatible format (.doc, .rtf, .txt). Include essential formatting only, Please do not submit articles in a page layout format such as Adobe Acrobat.pdf.

Please include the following elements with your submission:

  1. Abstract Purpose of the abstract is to summarize key points of the article. Please keep the abstract to approximately four sentences.
  2. Photograph The Measurable News publishes author photographs. The picture should be at least 360 dpi. Submit in a tif or jpg format.
  3. Author Biography This should be no longer than 75 words outlining the author’s job, background and professional accomplishments.
  4. Contact Information Authors should provide basic contact information such as business address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address.
  5. Figures and Tables Consider which concepts require visual layout and submit only publication-worthy figures and tables. The Measurable News reserves the right to reject graphics that are not of publication quality resolution.To help ensure that your graphics will be of acceptable quality, please adhere to the following:
    • If you submit embedded graphics , please send them as separate files also.
    • Screen captures and Microsoft PowerPoint slides are usually too low of resolution to reproduce at press quality;If you choose to use either, please produce them in high resolution.
    • Electronic images should be either TIF, JPEG or EPS format.
    • Number and name figures and tables appropriately, and indicate where they should be placed in the text.
  6. Style For questions of style, authors are asked to consult a style book, such as The Associated Press StyleBook and Libel Manual and Merrian Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.
  7. Copyrights, Releases The author is solely responsible for all statements made in his or her work, including changes made by the editor. Authors retain ownership of their articles printed in the Measurable News.By submitting a manuscript, the author certifies that neither the manuscript nor any portion of it is copyrighted; if the submission is copyrighted, a uthors are responsible for submitting required copyright permissions for articles they submit that have been previously published under copyright restrictions. The Measurable News will not print any copyrighted articles without written permission from the copyright holder;emails are not acceptable. Include a credit line, with the name and date of the previous publisher. Conversely, the Measurable News requests that authors give the Measurable News a credit line in other publications. The author(s) is responsible for ensuring correctness of the copyright notation on his/her article.Authors are responsible for obtaining any required organizational clearances.

Publication Process

  1. The Measurable News editors review the article and contact the author regarding the article’s status, which may fall into the following categories:
    • Ready to Edit and Publish: The editors may ask the author to make minor changes. The editors edit for style and clarity.
    • Revise: The editors determine that the article needs rework and return it tothe author with suggested changes.
    • Reject: The Measurable News reserves the right to reject an article without explanation. If the editors decide to reject an article, they will submit it to the CPM Governing Board for Review and Reject determination.
  2. The author is notified that his/her article has been placed on a preliminary publishing line-up.
  3. The author receives an edited and layed out copy of the article in the form of a .pdf file to proof for accuracy. It is too late, at this point, for authors to make revisions beyond corrections.

Letters to the Editor

Limit Letters to the Editor to 250 words and include: your name, phone number, and e-mail address. In certain cases, names can be withheld from publication upon request when circumstances warrant such action. We reserve the right not to publish Letters to the Editor.